Resource Production

Commission a Manual

*Please note we will not commence development on commissioned products until we have received payment. 

Can’t find a manual to suit your needs? Why not create a bespoke manual for your setting or individual and you can even design your own cover. You can use commissioned manuals for training purposes too.

The initial set up fee is £250 + vat* allowing for 0-200 signs. Additional signs will cost £2+VAT per sign. Please note if we do not have a particular sign, there is a cost of £10+VAT to develop the sign and drawing. All manuals contain complimentary Signalong skills pages printed on yellow paper. Turnaround is approximately 10 working days unless notified.

You will receive 1 copy of your commissioned manual and further copies will be priced according to the number of signs, quantity and colour of paper. A5 manuals start from £12.50 and A4 manuals £18 but subject to discount when used as training manuals.

To order a commissioned manual you need to fill out the commissioned manual form and email it to  


Commission a Licensed Poster

Want to print your own poster? The commissioned poster includes a licence to enable you to print and distribute your own poster. You can choose your own background colour, title and logo. Each poster contains up to 12 signs and the set-up fee is £250 + VAT

To order you need to fill out the commissioned licensed poster form and email it to


Commission a Poster

We have over 70 different posters available but you can still commission your own. The poster includes a title and a logo or address of the establishment may be included as long as there is enough space on the poster. Each poster contains up to 12 signs, this is because some signs are 2 or 3 parts.

The set-up fee is £25 + VAT* and you'll receive 3 copies of the poster.  Additional posters cost £4.20 each, or £3.60 each when you order 4 or more copies.

* Please note Signalong may include your poster in its publication list, omitting your organisation if shown on the original design

To order a commissioned poster you need to fill out the commissioned poster form and email it to



A licence gives you the right to print our signs (diagrams and descriptions) without breaching our copyright. You'll be able to print and share signs within your establishment. You may also supply the signs to people who are involved in helping an individual within your establishment and the individual’s family.

Please note you may not sell or distribute our signs outside of your establishment - this includes websites and social media sites.

In recognition of the issues licensees have previously incurred in seeking funding for renewing licences, we have changed our licensing procedure. This is a perpetual licence and will not require renewal. A licence costs £4+VAT* per sign. THIS IS A ONE OFF FEE, NO RENEWAL REQUIRED.

To order a License of Signs you need to fill out the License form and email it to



Our Resources

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A5 Room Signs - Designed for use in your establishment.

Sign Licenses - Print & share signs within your establishment.

Sign Studio App - Our new App has been developed to allow you to take a picture of an object and view the sign.

Online Sign Library - Access our database of over 9,000 signs.

Text-A-Sign - Unlimited signs sent direct to your mobile.

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